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Mt Bliss Cemetery is an Asian Cemetery with Buddhist culture. The bright and spacious indoor niche columbarium building features crystal-front niches which provide an ideal place to memorialize your loved one’s cremated remains. We have carried out compassionate final arrangements for many families of Buddhist backgrounds all over the world. We understand and respectfully acknowledge the traditions and cultures of the many different Linages. There are special features and selections we have designed to meet different Buddhist linage needs in our cemetery.

We have also enriched and expanded our products and services to reflect our community’s changing needs. Our culturally diverse workforce ensures that you will be served by our knowledgeable professional funeral counsellor who understands your unique requirements and knows the end-of-life care and bardo blessing process very well.

All cemeteries are governed by a set of by-laws. Adhering to these by-laws ensures the safety of our interment rights holders, visitors and employees, and the maintenance of proper cemetery operations. If you are unsure of what is or is not permitted, please check your Interment Rights Certificate and the Cemetery By-laws before placing anything in the niches. If you have any questions about any of the Cemetery By-laws, please contact our cemetery directly.



“Mt Bliss Cemetery” Hospice service include:

  • 宗教及无宗教信仰的临终联络;Religious and non-religious bardo blessing contact;
  • 定期举办大型法会死难者回向;Routine blessing dedicated to the Dead and catastrophe victims;
  • 重病长者关怀和往生家属关怀;Spiritual care for sick seniors and their families.
  • 无亲属往生者后事料理与超度;Funeral care and bardo blessing for deceased without family;
  • 世界大灾难死难者的集体回向;Intercessory praying for the world catastrophe victims;
  • 临终关怀知识普及及义工培训;Hospice care education and volunteer training;
  • 无国界殡仪馆每日亡者的助念;Daily reciting and blessing for the Dead;

任何助念超度,请电邮info@termafoundation.com 咨询。Any hospice or bardo blessing question, please email to info@termafoundation.com, thanks!

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