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临终关怀 | End-of-life Care


End-of-life care is in a form of reciting ritual to help sick and dying people to eliminate the fear of death, out of misery and find the peace of mind. The care guides how to release attachment and fear, focus on love and compassion, and to produce a sense of security to mindfulness. This care will help the dying people head to the Buddhist Pure Land, or reborn in heaven or earth in the six reincarnation and avoiding falling into three lower realms of hell, hungry ghosts and animals. Reborn salvation for misery and fierce spirits or creatures requires qualified Guru to perform the ritual.




Vajrasattva Purification Practice

~  A Wish-Fulfilling Jewel ~

A wish-fulfilling pith instruction relying on the glorious Vajrasattva, a practice which purifies negativities and obscurations and benefits both the self and others.

–  Taking refuge  –


From now until I possess the essence of awakening,

In front of Guru Vajrasattva,

The Chief of ocean-like Buddha families and mandalas,

I seek refuge with deep conviction (Repeat 3 times)

Generating bodhicitta:

In order for the infinity of beings,

To gain shelter of the everlasting bliss,

All endeavors of my body, mind and speech,

Shall not be separated from the path of Bodhi.

(Repeat 3 times)

Visualizing Vajrasattva:


Amidst the ocean of offering cloud in front of me,

Seated on a moon-disc on a white lotus,

With the luster of the white and radiant moon,

Is the Chief of Buddha families, the glorious Vajrasattva.

One face and two hands, holding vajra and bell,

Cross-legged, adorned with complete sambhogakaya garments,

The light of wisdom radiating the ten directions.

Visualize such luminosity with a mind of clarity,

Alas, Lama Vajrasattva!

Do remember your past promises,

And please hold us miserable beings

With your great compassion,

From beginningless time until present,

Our misdeeds and downfalls of the body, speech and mind,

Are just as the poison that we have taken,

Which, with deep regret, I openly confess.

And henceforth, even when my life is at stake,

I shall refrain from such degenerating actions,

May your compassionate eyes behold us,

May your gentle hands relieve us from suffering,

May me and sentient beings purify,

All corruptions of samayas,

May you grant us right this moment,

All sublime and ordinary siddhis.

(Repeat once)


I dedicate all my merits of the three times, including the merit this practice,

To the benefit the limitless sentient beings,

May all beings swiftly attain,

The level of enlightenment of Vajrasattva.

Prayer for auspiciousness:


All that appears are the pure adornment of the body,

All sounds are the perfect resonance of the mantra,

All thoughts mature into the state of wisdom,

May all virtues be perfected and auspiciousness prevail.

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