Buddhist Terma Foundation

缘起宗旨 | Our Mission


Buddhism Terma Foundation is dedicate to cultivate talents through exoteric and tantric Buddhism promotion in Toronto, Canada. Our main focus is various Buddhism academy and culture exchange. We support and encourage honored Sangha to advocate Dharma and engage in international exchange. Believers can benefits from online dharma courses and short-term retreats in our dharma platform to achieve harmony and peace. The mission of the Foundation is as follows:

  • Assist translation and archiving Buddhist Lineage Dharma texts
  • Organized Buddhist online learning courses to promote philosophy
  • Donate and sponsor honored Sangha worldwide in dharma promotion
  • Popularize Buddhism education to improve the social morality

The Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization, totally depends on every generous donation to maintain the regular operation. Please specify your purpose of the donation for the funds allocation:

  • Dharma texts translating and classification  Dharma video and audio producing and circulating
  • Organization operation funds  Senior care and hospice blessing
  • Life and environmental protection advocacy
  • Dharma events and Sangha sponsorship

『显密文教基金会』成立于加拿大多伦多,本会秉持弘传佛陀教义,促进文化交流为己任,为弘扬显密教法搭建交流平台,以光大佛法,改善世风。基金会通过闻思显密教法,以空性正见为基础,学习发菩提心,以树立正确的因果观;通过网络授课形式和实地互访等,进行海内外学术交流,推广佛学研究与实修;通过组织朝圣之旅及禅修课程,让信众到各地的佛学院进行短期闭关或佛法参学。 基金会宗旨如下:

  • 协助翻译及归档佛教类各类经典论著;
  • 举办佛学网络课程弘扬佛陀教育教法;
  • 捐赠僧宝交流赞助支持各地佛教事业;
  • 开展长者关怀临终关怀社区服务事业。


  • 1. 显密经典翻译整理
  • 2. 经书影音制播流通
  • 3. 慈善组织日程营运
  • 4. 长者关怀临终超荐
  • 5. 护生环保公益宣传
  • 6. 法会赞助僧宝交流

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