Buddhist Terma Foundation

慈善捐赠 | Donation


The Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization, totally depends on every generous donation to maintain the regular operation. Please specify your purpose of the donation for the funds allocation:

  • Dharma texts translating and classification
  • Dharma video and audio producing and circulating
  • Organization operation funds
  • Senior care and hospice blessing
  • Life and environmental protection advocacy
  • Dharma events and Sangha sponsorship


  1. 显密经典翻译整理
  2. 经书影音制播流通
  3. 慈善组织日程营运
  4. 长者关怀临终超荐
  5. 护生环保公益宣传
  6. 法会赞助僧宝交流

Buddhist Terma Foundation | 显密文教基金会

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PLEASE EMAIL to confirm your donation details. Thanks for your support!


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