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Dear Sangha:

With help from many enthusiastic sangha, I accomplish some compilation and translation of recitation rituals used in our daily or monthly practice after a lot of valuable time. These rituals are documented in Tibetan, Chinese and English to satisfy sangha’s understanding with their native language without the errors in the translation as possible as I can. These rituals are very valuable and I encourage those who will practice dharma carefully to feel free to download them and spread them to other people but it is prohibited to use those rituals in any commercial behaviors. Though it is completed with many proofreaders to make them perfect, I think there might be some errors in rituals and please correct me if find the mistakes. All works is dedicated to all sentient beings’ happiness without suffering and being born in the supreme pure land of Dewachen.

– Lama Drimed Rinpoche

喇嘛智美 及 翻译小组 翻译/编辑
Translated / Edited By Lama Drimed and his team

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